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Event Management and Production
Event Management and Production

We have had the privilege of conceiving and delivering some of the most high profile and prestigious events in both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.
Our skillful project managers and operational staff draw on their years of experience to produce events that are extraordinary, absorbing and highly engaging – making them unforgettable.

Strategic Marketing Planning
Strategic Marketing Planning

Events and Public relation campaigns are the corner stone of modern marketing methodology. They hold substantial importance in any company’s marketing plan, whatever their scale of operation. Modern day marketers ensure their company is represented on strategic events and forums and playing their cards right to make themselves visible and prominent amongst the clutter of competitors. Gladly, the realization has come home to Saudi Arabia too as we are seeing a flurry of activity in the fields of events related promotion. Our marketing team will help you strategically plan your events and will advise you on how the events will fit in to your PR and promotions horizon and in the larger scheme of your marketing activities.

Event conceptualization, Complete Logistical Implementation and Financial Management
Event conceptualization, Complete Logistical Implementation and Financial Management

Our Client relations managers along with the in-house creative team use their creative and technical prowess to produce a lively, impactful event experience by employing awe-inspiring theming, event graphics, multimedia and screen content.
We can bring your vision of the event to life with set design and construction, using multimedia display systems, graphics, screen content and video production. We are unique in our expert ability to provide these integrated services as we carry out all these activities in house, within our group of companies. Handling of logistics is therefore our stronghold as we carry out all the production in-house rather than depending on outside suppliers.
Whether it is the traditional look or a modern space that you have envisaged for your event, we can create it all with ease, seamlessly and cost effective.

Events marketing and event branding
Events marketing and event branding

Companies that take their brand seriously understand that branding allows them to separate from the competition, build loyalty, and bring in revenue. It is more than just a logo; it’s an opportunity to trigger emotional responses from your audience. Live branded events take branding to another level through communicate a company’s brand message and goals like no other media can. Live events branding allows a brand to create a memorable brand experience that will resonate in the audience’s heart and minds.

Graphic design, Multi-Media and video production
Graphic design, Multi-Media and video production

Our creative design studio creates stunning graphics and branding environments for our events. Our team of experts will advise you on the best suited solution so that you can ensure maximum impact and an enthralling experience for your audience.
We also carry out live transmission and production of various national and international events. Our team has years of experience and the keen eye to detail required in delivering such projects to perfection.
Eventech team produces inauguration, lunch and activation events using the latest technologies in the sector such as video mapping.
We provide complete audio solution, no matter what is the event size. This includes conference system and instant translation system. Eventech also is fully equipped to create videos, reports and clips of any length for the event.

Attendee Registration, Invitation and Response Management
Attendee Registration, Invitation and Response Management

We provide registration services, invitation and response management services. Making use of the best available technology. We take the hassle out of your event for you and ensure a glitch-free, smooth experience for your guests.


Team & Vacancies

At Eventech, we believe that Team Building should not only be about developing your team or organization but be about enjoyment and fun. All of our events will allow you the space outwith the workplace environment to tackle organisational issues such as communication, leadership, teamwork, time management and a raft of other business critical skills. Of course, if you are simply looking to get together as a team and have fun then we would be delighted to deliver a day to remember.

Available Vacancies

Event Co-ordinator (membership organisation) – Riyadh – Full Time – SAR 20,000 to 30,000 – Job ref: E5522

Senior Account Manager – Food and Beverage Portfolio – Jeddah – Part Time – SAR 30,000 to 40,000 – Job ref: BBBH3032

Events Account Executive (agency) – Jeddah – Permanent – SAR 20,000 to 30,000 – Job ref: E5516

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